Sunday, May 2, 2010

current supplement roundup

Am starting stims today for another cycle -- please cross your fingers!  Third time's the charm!

So thought it would be a good time to document my current supplement regimen, as it's evolved a bit recently.

Spirulina powder, 2 teaspoons per day -- good nutrition and protein source
Wheat grass powder, 2 teaspoons per day -- good nutrition and protein source, alkalizing
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, 2 per day -- good fats
Biotics Research Aqueous Chromium, 2 drops per day -- trace mineral
Biotics Research Bio-D-Mulsion, 1 drop per day -- Vitamin D
Bach Larch, as much as I can sneak into my water -- homeopathic
Zico Coconut Water, 1 per day -- electrolytes and potassium
Lauricidin, 1 scoop per day -- fights Candida, immune system booster
NOW Red Mineral Algae, one per day -- Calcium, Vitamin D, trace minerals
Thorne Siliphos, 2 per day -- liver support
Thorne Glycine, 2 per day -- oral bacteria, egg quality
Thorne Methyl-Guard, 1 per day -- special B vitamins needed because of my MTHFR status
Karuna CoQ-10 100 mg, 1 per day -- egg quality
Whole Foods Chelated Zinc (also includes copper), 1 per day -- mineral
Florastor, one per day -- probiotic
Pure encapsulations DHEA, 5 mg one every other day -- egg quality
Whole Foods Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids, 5 per day -- detox, antioxidant support
Priority One Magnesium Orotate, 2 per day -- mineral
Priority One Calcium Orotate, 2 per day -- mineral
Juice Plus Vineyard Blend, 2 per day -- general nutrition and bioflavonoids, esp folate
Pure encapsulations Phosphatidylcholine, 4 per day -- fat metabolism
Theramedix DGX, 3 per day -- digestion support
Pure encapsulations Black Currant Seed oil, 2 per day -- good fats
Pure encapsulations Ultra Nutrient, 2 per day --general multivitamin and mineral
Metagenics Hemagenics, 2 per day --  blood support/iron
PCA-RX, 2 sprays per day -- anti-Candida
Pure encapsulations l-Glutamine powder, 2 scoops per day -- liver support
Garlinase Fresh, 4 tablets per day -- detox, anti-tumor
Chinese herbs from my acupuncturist, currrent formula is heavy on cinnamon
Lugol's Solution, 2 drops per day -- iodine

Pfew that's a lot!  Note that I am taking a break from enzymes, as will be on a blood thinner during stims (due to my prothrombin mutation).

Also especially during stims each morning I am having "cocoa" of a scoop of Source Naturals Rice Protein Powder in organic Almond Milk with some carob powder for flavoring.  That's because lots of protein is needed to grow those eggies!

Also am drinking high-mineral Gerolsteiner water at meals.


Lisa Bonnice said...

I responded to your question on my blog, but wanted to post here as well so you'd be sure to see it.

"Hi Naomi,

I haven’t been back for a follow-up ultrasound (I still have no insurance) but it feels, when I press on my abdomen, like it has shrunk. My periods have become MUCH lighter. My naturopath suggested that I use a tincture called Shepherd’s Purse to cut down on the heavy blood flow and it worked! I don’t even need to use it anymore.


In addition, I've been really working on my "feminine rage." I'm really into the body/mind connection and since I spent most of my life HATING the fact that I'm a female because I get treated differently as a result, I know that this affected my female organs. You might be interested in reading my book Shape Shifting, or Debbie Shapiro's book "Your Body Speaks Your Mind."

You can download my book for free through the end of the day (ends May 3 at midnight) by dropping me a vote in the Next Top Spiritual Author competition.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks so much for the response and I'm so glad to hear that you feel like it's shrunk and that you have staunched the heavy blood flow!

I've been focusing a lot on the mind/body connection too lately. I put your book on my wishlist and will look at the Shapiro book, thanks so much for the suggestion.

Really appreciate hearing from you and wishing you all the best!