Sunday, April 11, 2010

lipoma shrinking -- a good sign?

As I have mentioned before, I have a lipoma on my left side that developed at the same time as my fibroids.

I've noticed it getting a bit smaller lately, and in particular this week it has gotten noticeably smaller.  I'm wondering if it's the phosphatidylcholine that I've been taking?  I looked up phosphatidylcholine and lipoma, and found that there is a technique of injecting it into the lipoma.  Hmm...

Anyway, this can't be a bad thing!


Ginae said...

what is a lipoma? how are you doing on the chelation drops..PepXtide or something like that..too lazy to get the correct'm on month 2 of taking mine. have u noticed a difference in your fibroids or symptoms if you have any?

Fibroid Shrinker said...

A lipoma is basically a fatty lump that forms under the skin -- a benign tumor made of fatty tissue. Although in my case it feels pretty hard so it's hard to believe it's fat. More info here:
It was wierd how it suddenly appeared, but it was the same time my fibroids were growning, at a time when I was turning my life upside down and things were really out of whack...

Still taking the PCA-RX. My period seems a little lighter this time but other than that hard to say. Will be doing another ultrasound soon! Have you noticed any difference?

Ginae said...

this past month I did notice a difference. my period was lighter, and not as painful and no clots...but...i actually decided to try that Fibroidclear product despite all the discouragement from others on the fibroid yahoo group saying it's a scam, etc.

i took it for 3 months and around the 3rd month started noticing quite a bit of human tissue in the toilet when I would go to the bathroom. so that encouraged me that it might actually be working .so i ordered two more bottles for good measure and will do an ultrasound after that to see if anything really happened. i'm crossing my fingers.

so between that and the PCA-RX (thanks for the correct name) hoepfully something will happen. I guess I have no real way to measure if the PCA-RX would have worked by itself or not but oh well. April 26 will be 2 months that I've taken the PCA RX. But because of the heavy metal toxins I am going take it for 4 months.

Keep me abreast of your progress, ultrasound, etc. will you? I will do the same.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks for the update, and glad to hear you are seeing what look like good progress indicators!

I have not tried FibroidClear myself, but the ingredients in it are not necessarily bad ones. Sounds to me like could be the right mix, for some people -- maybe you?