Sunday, April 18, 2010

I ate pizza and an ice cream sandwich for dinner last night

No, I did not go off my fibroid-shrinking diet!  Had dinner last night at raw food restaurant Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley, CA.  The pizza had a sunflower seed and buckwheat crust, with cashew nut cheese (plus pesto and tomatoes and some sunflower sprouts, plus a side salad).  The ice cream sandwich was made with nut milk ice cream, and date and almond cookies.   No wheat or dairy!  It was so great to have pizza and ice cream with no guilt!!!

Even after eating I felt light as a feather.  (unfortunately my husband felt the same way, and rather than enjoying it insisted in stopping at a Popeye's Chicken on the way home to get more to eat! I did not partake.)

By the way, they had a lovely book in the restaurant's store, of positive self-affirmations for children.  Making a mental note to get it for my future child!

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