Sunday, February 14, 2010

role of heavy metal contamination in uterine fibroids

An excellent post giving more information on a topic I have mentioned previously in this blog.  This confirms, if you are diagnosed with fibroids one of the first things you should be looking at is whether you have heavy metal contamination.  (Should also be right away checking for candida, for MTHFR gene defect that affects how your body processes B vitamins, and for Vitamin D deficiency.  These are all things I found about in the last year that I now know are believed to be contributing factors to fibroids, wish that one of the practitioners I had visited earlier in my fibroid journey had looked at these...)


Ginae said...

have you started your chelation drops yet? i'm going to order those you posted in a few days..

fyi..interesting i finally got tested for heavy metal toxin by a Naturalist, and found out I have an extrememly high amount of cadmium in my body. i googled it and yikes! a interesting side note..i also have fibromyalgia..if you don't know what it is one things is that your joints and muscles hurt a lot and you have lots of pains and other ailments..when i read about cadmium one of the major things it does is give you aches in your joints..

i had no ideal the metal toxins could contribute to fibroids. so these chelation drops i predict are going to help me in a lot of areas tremendously.

thanks so much for this blog and all the awesome information you find and are awesome for doing that. keep us posted on baby...keep envisioning holding him or her in your arms and being here on earth with you....

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Hi Ginae,
I started the chelation drops on Monday. I've been feeling good this week, I'm doing so many different thing that it's hard to tell which one is helping though!
So sorry to hear you have a lot of cadmium, hope that you can get rid of it quickly. In addition to the drops you might want to try 1) detox clay bath, I used ones from 2) if you are not trying to conceive right now, saunas.
Hoping that the detox will help too fibromyalgia too.
Indeed thinking good baby thoughts!

Ginae said...

Thanks for the tip on the detox mud bath. I will try it. I also found a site that has detox foot pads. Gonna try that out too.

here's the site if intereseted:

I haven't been able to find specific instructions on the chelation drops on that site. Do you know how many drops per day to take, if with food, how long the bottle lasts, etc.? Did instructions come with your bottle?

Fibroid Shrinker said...

I had been using some foot detox pads but it became a matter of an argument between my husband and myself, he found a bunch a research debunking them. However the research stats on the site that you gave the link to are pretty impressive. I think like many things there is a big difference between getting things from a reputable Japanese firm vs. getting cheapo stuff made in China.

The drops did come with thorough instructions. You start with a few sprays under the tongue and work up from there.