Thursday, February 25, 2010

new supplement regimen

I haven't updated my supplement regimen list in awhile, and today at my BioSet appointment we made a big switch in what I'm taking, so here is the new plan:

Chinese herbs are Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang.  This is to strengthen Spleen, clear Damp, transform Phlegm, extinguish Wind.  My practitioner said that she thinks that my fibroids are a phlegm issue, not a blood statis issue.  She says that this formula is a rather unusual one to use for fibroids.  This page has more info about this formula.  This page mentions its use in treating infertility.

  1. Thorne Silphos, for liver
  2. Interfase Plus and Vitalzym for breaking up candida and fibroids
  3. Lugol's solution, which is iodine, I will paint a 2x3 inch patch on my body every day.  I have written about iodine in this blog previously, and Lugol's is often mentioned as a good treatment for fibroids, but this is the first time I'm trying it.
  4. NAC for my liver
  5. Gemmotherapy rosimarinus officinalis,  homeopathic for the gallbladder
  6. Ultimate Omega fish oil
  7. Thorne Methyl-Guard -- B's for MTHFR people like me
  8. PCA-RX for candida, heavy metals, and fibroids
  9. Hemagenics by Metagenics for healthy blood
  10. Glutamine powder by Pure Encapsulations, one scoop a day to support my liver
  11. I will eat rice bran cereal to get more Vitamin E
  12. Thorne glycine for my liver, also is helpful for egg quality
  13. Fergon iron supplement for my blood
  14. Futureplex ACHIV homeopathic flower essence remedy, for the endocrine system.  Looking it up, it's for "For the relief of symptoms related to ravenous appetite, obesity, feelings of unfulfillment, and the need to recognize unresolved issues and transform them. For dealing with lethargy and sluggishness."  I need to lose some weight, get some more energy, and clear up those unresolved issues that are driving my fibroids, so sounds good to me!
  15. Juice Plus Vineyard Blend - overall nutritional source
  16. DGX digestive enzymes
  17. Biotics Research aqueous chromium
  18. Biotics Research Bio-D mulsion (vitamin D) - important for overall health, and fibroid fighting
  19. Calcium Orotate and Magnesium Orotate  - for bones
  20. Beta Beet (beet powder drink). See previous discussion in this blog, beet is a traditional natural remedy for fibroids
  21. I will use rosemary essential oil, sprinking a few drops when I shower to inhale the scent with the steam.  I also will mix with massage oil for massaging, e.g. when I massage my stomach.
Gotta run, more later...

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