Saturday, February 27, 2010

more on soy

This article talks about soy and fibroids.  Personally I don't buy it though, that soy is ok for fibroids, sounds like not enough data to me.  It sounds like lignans are important, but you can get that places other than soy, such as flax seed.  I am just reading Fibroid Tumors Healed Naturally: A Personal Journey Shared With Specific How-To's and the author credits eating lots of flax seed with her triumph over fibroids.  There are also lots of other good sources listed here, although flax seed does indeed seem like the best one.  Flax may not be for everyone however -- the Bioset tells me it's not a good match for me.


Anonymous said...

I was having freshly ground flax seed as part of my breakfast every morning during the years while my fibroids where growing at a rapid pace.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks for sharing. So either the flax was making your problem worse, or was not enough to counteract whatever else was going on. I too am not sold that flax is the answer.