Saturday, December 5, 2009

increased dairy consumption reduces fibroid risk for black women

Surprising result of this new study, because Chinese medicine suggests avoiding dairy for fertilty purposes. Maybe it's not the dairy itself, but the calcium in the milk...This suggests all fibroid shrinkers should make sure they are getting enough calcium esp. if you are avoiding dairy. Also I wonder if the ones who were getting dairy were generally being more careful about what they ate (less junk food etc.)


Ginae said...

this is very surprising considering I keep hearing how bad dairy products are for fibroids. however, I thought it was moreso because of the hormones in the milk, then the milk itself. i only drink organic milk because of this reason.

question: have u heard that if your fibroids are calcified then they cannot be shrunk? i have heard this and wondered if you knew anything about it. i do not know if mine are calcified or how I would even find out.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Yes the hormones in regular milk are definitely not good for fibroids. But Chinese medicine says dairy in general is not good for fertility. Also I recall reading that the milk has aranchodonic acid that irritates the fibroids.

I have heard about the calcification but I think it may only be an issue for post-menopause women. I haven't researched in detail. I think they can tell you with an ultrasound but I'm not sure. I did see a page recently that talked about using magnesium to draw out the calcium. In general it's important to get magnesium and calcium in good balance.

Yes I think this study raises more questions than it answers...