Tuesday, December 1, 2009

healing touch

I met a Healing Touch practitioner recently and went for a session with her today. Very similar to a reiki session, it consisted of me laying on the massage table fully clothed while she moved her hands over me occasionally touching me. The idea is to work with the energy fields to help balance the chakras and energy flows. Here's a more detailed description.

It certainly was relaxing, and my practioner Nina Weil was very warm and calming, which is exactly the TLC that I need right now as I prepare for my next egg retrieval very soon. She did a lot of work in my abdominal area, which needs all the good energy it can get. Although I've been doing various types of energy work on myself, there is also something to be said for receiving!

There is currently a clinical trial on healing touch and IVF going on at Stanford, will be curious to see what the results are, not to be completed till 2011... A similar study on reiki and IVF in Jerusalem found good results.

This page has a story of a fibroid being healed through reiki.

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