Tuesday, December 15, 2009

embryo transfer report

Went to the IVF clinic today with our surrogate. We had 6 eggs that were retrieved last Thursday, but only 5 fertilized and one of those fertilized abnormally so we had 4 that were growing.

Of the 4, one was a superstar and is Grade 1 and got to XB level. Two others were very good and got to EB level Grade II. So we transferred those three. We (us and our surrogate) are all very excited and crossing our fingers!

One egg only got to 8 cells and is Grade III. But they are continuing to let it grow in the petri dish and if it develops well will put it into the freezer with the five from June. It's a laggard but could be a late-bloomer!

The doctor says that he likes to have at least 50% of the embryos develop to EB or better, and we had 75% so that's good! The Dr. did seem very pleased.

So please send your prayers and good energy our way!

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