Thursday, November 19, 2009

new addition to the regimen

Lately based on the BioSet my body has not wanted the wheat grass or the Green Magma, which I was using to help me alkalize and also for the protein and nutrient content.

So today my acupuncturist suggested that I do spirulina. It's less cold than the chlorella, which I was taking for awhile this summer but had trouble with. She also said that its salty nature is good to help strengthen my kidneys, which have seemed weak lately.

Spirulina is full of nutrients and is also a source of high quality protein, and is often recommended as a good food both for fibroid shrinkers and those who want good egg quality for IVF. So should be perfect for me! I'm taking it in the powder form which is supposedly better absorbed.

Lots of good general information on spirulina on this page.

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