Friday, October 9, 2009

new blog on medicinal foods

Found this cute blog, current top story is on eggplants mentioning that they are good for fibroids.

Author appears to be in Chicago, if you are in that area looks like she is teaching a class on eating for fertility on 10/28.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fibroid Shrinker,

My recent pelvic ultrasound found that I have a 10cm uterine fibroid. Since then, I've been desperately searching for natural remedies. My family doctor doesn't recommend surgery at this stage because I hardly have any symptoms.

I am Asia and consume a lot of soy beans and soy products and I wonder if that boosts the estrogen level. Also, antibiotics, growth hormone, and pesticide found in meat and farm-raised seafood can be culprit too. Now, I avoid soy beans and non-organic meat or dairy products, in hope that my fibroid would stop growing before I reach menopause.

There are so many informations online that I can't verify their authenticity. Some people claim that things like primrose, eggplants, and pomegranates, just to name a few, can also increase estrogen level, While some others say that these things, like soy beans, are good for people with fibroid. I am so lost in information now.

What I can be sure is that exercises, low-fat & high-fiber diet, and stress management can not do any harm, besides 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cedar vinegar a day. :)

Happy blogging.


Fibroid Shrinker said...

Hello Apple,
So sorry to hear about your fibroid.
There is indeed a lot of conflicting information about soy out there. I have a post about it, check the archives under diet. I would suggest abstaining from soy for awhile and seeing if that helps. And indeed staying away from meat with hormones in it is important!
Indeed there is so much info out there, much unsubstantiated or not helpful. I hope you can find some helpful info in this blog. I also suggest seeing an acupuncturist or naturopath to get more info on your specific condition and constitution.
Good luck!