Sunday, October 18, 2009

BodyTalk Access Course

I've written here before about BodyTalk, an energy healing technique. I've been utilizing it as part of my healing efforts for about the past year and a half through regular sessions every approx. 6 to 8 weeks.

On Friday I was in for a session and my practitioner Lisa told me that she had spaces open in her BodyTalk Access Course today. I dimly recalled seeing a flyer she had sent out about it, but as busy as I am recently I just put it aside. But in this case, with it just a couple of days away, I could say "gee, I guess I could do that." Sounded more appealing to me than the day in front of the computer I would have done otherwise. And Lisa really got me with "Since you're planning to be a mom, you really need to do this, as it's really terrific for helping kids with minor playground scrapes etc."

So I spent today in the reasonably priced ($135) 6-hour session (in my experience, people usually want a lot more of your money for a one day course or to certify you in something...). Now I can see why these sessions have been so popular that Lisa is now holding them regularly, and is being asked to travel to various places to teach them there too. It was fabulous! Here's a link to Lisa's courses, and if you're not in one of the locations she is teaching then you can check the BodyTalk site for Access classes in other areas.

The idea of the class is to help people learn five very basic BodyTalk techniques that they can use on themselves and family members. It's easy to learn and with some practice I am sure it will come very naturally. I really like the idea of something I can do on myself in a few minutes a day.

I have a good friend who is a Reiki Master, who has been telling me for years that I should learn reiki, that I'm a natural for it. And on several other occasions energy medicine practitioners have commented that my hands are special, that they have healing energy. But in my busy life, no time to even contemplate Reiki training. So I'm so excited that after just a six hour class, I am now certified as a BodyTalk Access Technician, and feel confident to do a healing routine not just on myself but also on others (I already told my husband, get ready for me to tap on you!) During the practice sessions today, in the last person I partnered with was a woman who does another energy medicine modality, called Healing Touch, that I have heard of but not tried. She also said I was a natural. When I was working on her, I could feel certain areas felt different and she confirmed that those were the ones where something was going on. I'm very excited to practice now!

But the best thing is, after an afternoon of doing this stuff, I am feeling energetic and radiant. If it will always help me feel this way, I'm hooked! It's not meant to replace deeper treatment with a BodyTalk practitioner who is trained in all the more sophisticated techniques. However I think that if I use the Access frequently I can take care of some of the more basic stuff myself so that Lisa can focus on the harder stuff when I see her.

The last of the techniques presented has a lot of similarities to Jin Shin Jyutsu, which I have been practicing on myself intermittently over the last few months after I stumbled on a reference to it somewhere that caught my interest. I've been using the book The Touch of Healing. I think that having read this book I had some good background that helped me understand the BodyTalk Access concepts more readily. Comparing the two, I think that the BodyTalk Access is a more efficient and easy-to-learn system. The Jin Shin Jyutsu got me a bit bogged down in technical details of "levels" and "projects." However I still want to keep practicing with it, and in particular I like bringing the book along when going on car trips when my husband is driving. Because normally I have a lot of trouble sitting still long enough to do the Jin Shin Jyutsu exercises, but they are perfect for when riding in the car. It's a good way to make otherwise dead time into healing time.

There were also a few similarities to some of the techniques presented in Energy Medicine for Women so that might also be good pre-reading if you are going to take an Access class. Or something else to look at if you have tried Access and liked it.

So in summary, I am very excited about Access and highly recommend that you look for a class near you and give this a try!


Anonymous said...


Just thought I post you article in a british newspaper about fibroid and beauty products. Really interesting

I have slowly been using more natural products over the last year and my period which were heavy because of the fibroid is now back to normal. Maybe there is some truth!

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks so much for sharing this link. I definitely think there is something to this. I too was a cosmetics junkie and in hindsight I was slathering on lots of conventional products during the time my fibroids were growing. Wish someone had told me this at the time! Now I only use beauty products and cosmetics that are natural. I haven't done what this woman does of making my own, but it's a good idea!