Thursday, September 17, 2009

activity records and this week's stats

Sorry to be so behind on posting. Ok, let's see where was I on the activity stats, very behind. Last week did not end up being as active as I hoped, because I was still battling that cold. I had a ton of mucus. Mucus seems to be my downfall and my acupuncturist and I have a theory that the fibroids are really just a bunch of conjealed mucus. Am currently on Shen Ling Bai Zhu San to try to get rid of the rest of the mucus from the cold, and hopefully it will help my underlying mucus problem too.

So, last week.
Tuesday 1 hour 50 min stretching, walking, meditation and castor oil pack
Wednesday 1 hour 30 minutes hula hoop, qi gong, EFT and meditation
Thursday 55 minutes castor oil pack, eucalyptus steam bath and full body scrub, walking
Friday 1 hour 25 min walking, jin shin jutsu
Saturday 55 min castor oil pack, eucalyptus steam bath, walking
Sunday 40 minutes EFT and jin shin jyutsu

But after that surprisingly on Monday morning all my stats had significantly improved! My best so far on any of them except the metabolic age. I think it may have been from eating less, the cold really wreaked my appetite...

weight 137.2
% fat 32.3
% water 46.9
bone 4.8 lbs
metabolic age 40

Doing ok on the activity levels this week

Monday 2 hours 5 minutes: meditation, self massage, detox bath with relevant reading, hula hoop, chi gong
Tuesday 1 hour 35 minutes walking, meditating, dancing
Wednesday 1 hour 55 minutes castor oil pack, meditation, yoga

The key is to keep up the activity during the week, so that I don't leave it all for the weekend...

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