Monday, August 24, 2009

activity record for past few days, and this week's stats

Unfortunately did not quite meet my goals from last week either, mostly due to something -- an allergy? fighting off a cold? detoxing? -- that has been bothering me since Thursday (tired, throat sore, just feel off), plus a sore ankle (flare-up of an old injury). And also am drowning in work which makes it hard to get away from the computer -- in other words my weekend days this week were more like regular workdays. So when I got behind, it was hard to catch up.

Thursday did just 15 minutes of qi gong
Friday did 1.5 hours of self massage, meditation, belly dancing and Energy Medicine for Women DVD
Saturday did 3 hours of self-massage, walking, belly dance and qi gong
Sunday did 2.5 hours of self-massage, qi gong, belly dance, detox bath while reading relevant book, walking, and meditation

Meanwhile, stats are slightly worse than last week, unsurprising:

weight 139.4 (minus .4)
fat % 33.1 (+1.8)
water 46.5% (- 1.2)
bone 4.8 (same)
metabolic age 42 (+4)

Going to try harder this week -- off to do some exercise right now!

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