Monday, August 17, 2009

activity record for past few days, and this week's stats

After three days of no activity, had 3 days of lots of activity as I went on a 3-day weekend trip with my husband.

8/14 -- 4 hours 20 minutes hiking
8/15 -- 5 hours 20 minutes self massage, stretch, walking, Himalayan salt bath, and dancing
8/16 -- 4.5 hours qigong, EFT, stretching, walking, canoeing, and listening to a meditation tape

This was not quite enough to enable me to meet my activity goal for the week -- came up 50 minutes short. This week will try to spread out activity more evenly over the week!

Have come up with an incentive system for myself -- as you may have guessed I love to buy books and exercise tapes and music, etc. No more buying any of these -- anything I want will go on a wish list, and every week I meet my activity goal I will allow myself to buy one thing from the list. Need to have some concrete incentive/reward!

Stats for this week's weigh-in:
weight 139.8 (up .6)
fat % 31.3 (down 1.4)
water % 47.7% (up 1)
bone mass 4.8 (same)
metabolic age 38 (down 3)

So, some progress!

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