Friday, July 31, 2009

switching goji juices

As I've written before I have been drinking GoChi goji juice since the beginning of the year, however have now decided to switch to Gojilania. For several reasons:

1. Gojilania has less sugars and fewer ingredients overall so closer to pure goji juice
2. Gojilania is much less expensive than the GoChi
3. Gojilania is organic
4. Gojilania is available conveniently at Whole Foods and also through At the latter the pricing is good and there are also additional discounts if you sign up for regular deliveries.

If you look at this page in Amazon you'll see a very negative review criticizing the taste. It's true that the taste is a bit odd but I think that's just proof that it's not all doctored up like the GoChi juice. And you can mask it easily by mixing it with another juice. I would not drink it alone for the taste, this is a supplement not a casual sip.

Update 3-11-10:  The Gojilania is no longer available at Amazon, and it's AWOL at my Whole Foods too.  So I tried Goji Gold instead and it  turns out it tastes much better!

As I have written about before here and here, goji seems to be a good nutrition source for fibroid shrinkers and is supposed to be good for fertility and egg quality. And the juice is a convenient way to get your dose of goji goodness.

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