Sunday, June 7, 2009

reviewing some recent videos

I bought a few videos recently to spice up my exercise routine. My feelings about them varied widely.

I loved Yoga Bliss Hips, by Ana Bret and Ravi Singh, the same duo who did one of my favorites Journey through the Chakras. I was looking for more of the same, and got it. This is a Kundalini yoga workout, with good pace, clear instructions, enjoyable music and nice mix of movement and meditation. Since it focuses on the hips, it gets the middle of your body moving which is good for both fibroid shrinking and fertility. It is also good for stretching out my hips after too much time sitting at the computer. I also like their style of the instructor against a white background -- easy to follow, not a lot of distractions.
I also ordered their DVD Naval Power. It was pretty good, but it is an earlier one made while they were still perfecting their style, so it's not quite as slick as Yoga Bliss Hips or Journey through the Chakras. I'll use it once in a while but probably won't be a regular. As the name implies, it focuses on the belly area so a lot of sit-ups and similar.
I do need to work on my belly, which is why I got the Beautiful Bellyby Hemalayaa. I had really liked her Bollywood Bootyworkout, but the Beautiful Belly was not as good. I didn't feel like it was a good workout -- in other words she has a lovely belly but I am sure she did something other than this workout to get it that way. Also, she was filmed wearing saffron and rust against a saffron and rust background, which made it really hard to see her distinctly to follow the movements. I plan to give this one away.
Really disappointing was the Dance off the Inches: Hip Hop Party. The music was boring and so was the routine. No wonder it was on sale for half off. This one is being given away too.

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