Friday, June 26, 2009

excellent resource on xenoestrogens

they are the enemy of every fibroid shrinker -- and may be why we got them in the first place

resource is here


Anya said...

My mum was getting recurring fibroids, and asked her gynaecologist why, and his response was it just happens, so she asked her naturopath, and she got the comment about xenoestrogens. She was fortunate in that she gave up soy products, and her fibroids ceased to give her problems.

The pill is also another problem with the whole oestrogen thing from what I understand. The oestogen from it, is getting into the water ways, in some places, from tablets being flushed and through urine.

Too much oestrogen is causing problems for so many people! We try to avoid plastic in our home- and have a definate no PVC rule. We have no need for deformed little boys here, or early menstruating little girls!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've read that xenoestrogens are bad too. I personally don't use a lot of products that contain them, but I was strictly drinking bottled water so that definitely wasn't helping with the fibroids. Now, I drink filtered water and am working on cleansing the liver.

Are all those supplements you take really helping? It sounds like you're taking a lot. I'm very wary of supplements because of all the additives. I try to rely on foods.

I wish you the best with your fertility.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

I think the supplements are helping but unless we have an identical twin we can't really do a scientifically controlled experiment!