Tuesday, June 30, 2009

egg retrieval report

As I mentioned before, I was doing an IVF cycle this month to freeze embryos.

Did the egg retrieval yesterday, they got 4 eggs from the left ovary and 2 from the right. Some of the follicles on theleft didn't have eggs in them. And on the right he had a terrible time getting to the ovary due to the fibroid being in the way. (He also thinks the fibroid is interfering with the ovary, and in fact the right ovary has never been as productive as the left based on info before the IUIs this past year)

Today got a call, 5 fertilized.

This is not too bad given my age, but am also thinking that theoretically I should be able to do better next time (planned for the fall) because eggs take 150 days to grow but I only started the new vitamin regimen based on knowing about my MTHFR mutaiton about 10 weeks or so ago. And I only started the special egg-boosting regimen of l-arginine, wheat grass, and royal jelly about 6 weeks ago. And was only able to find a protein powder I could tolerate as of last week. So next time will have had better nutrition over the full developmental life of the egg. Also in the next month will finish my heavy metal detox which should help too...


Gracie said...

Wow, 5 is great!

I used mostly Metagenics suppliments. I used their rice protien powder just because I didn't want to over use soy. I also took Greens 8000 for all that good stuff.


Phoebe said...

Congrats on the egg retrieval. Did you do a transfer or freeze your embryos?

All very interesting stuff on the TCM and fibroids. I did the same thing, but in the end, opted for surgery. Best thing I ever did, though it took me 8 months to decide to have surgery. I went to see Dr. Allen Warshowsky (sp?). He said I could shrink the fibroids naturally, but it would take years to do so. I didn't have years for my fertility, so I chose to have the surgery. I still do TCM and recognize some of the formulas you have taken.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Hi Phoebe,
We froze the embryos. Am looking for a surrogate as unfortunately my uterus is in no shape for a transfer.
You're the first person I've heard of who went to see Warshowsky.
Glad the surgery worked out for you. And great you are doing TCM as it should help prevent them from coming back!

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks Gracie!

My Arginine Plus is Metagenics, like it a lot.