Wednesday, April 22, 2009

new herbal remedy

My acupuncturist gave me Health Concerns Woman's Balance (Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San) today.

It is targeted at the liver and spleen (two organs particularly related to fibroid issues). Many of the ingredients are familiar fibroid-busters. I was taking a different brand of this last fall (it's also called Jia Wei Xiao Yao San).


Anya said...


I was just looking through your blog and thought you might find the work of Weston A Price interesting. He did a research piece in the 1930's on the degeneration of western culture just simply called 'Physical and Nutritional Degeneration'. You might find some details that help you on your quest. There's also a cookbook that complements it called 'Nourishing Traditions'.

good luck!!!


Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks so much Anya.
Actually I do have this book, recommended by a former acupuncturist. I have been thinking lately that I should take it out and look at it again, so thank you for giving me a nudge on that!

Anya said...

I've been following this system of eating for around 6months now, and am noticing all sorts of benefits. And we have some friends eating this way too, and the results have been great.

One friend recently birthed her third baby, and found her labour was intense but pain free. Her first two labours were typically painful.

Another friend's little boy had tooth decay that re-enamelled after taking cod liver oil and raw milk for 12months.

I had a small tear from the birth of my 18month old that was healed, but would become easily irritated and since taking the cod liver oil and raw milk in particular has now healed properly. I'm also now following the Weston Price foundation's advice for breastfeeding by taking a tablespoon of cod liver oil daily and also two-three eggs yolks in a raw milk milkshake. I'm feeling much healthier now that I did with my other two children.

Hope I'm not going on too much, I'm just very enthused by this after a few of us have had such good results.


Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks, it's great to hear about actual results!

I googled Weston Price and Fibroids and found this interesting page, also talking about the benefits of the cod liver oil:

Anya said...

Sounds pretty interesting- just make sure that you get good quality cod liver oil, like Weston Price foundation recommend. Apparently some of the oils have synthetic vit A and D in them, as they take out the natural vitamins and make them into capsules.