Wednesday, April 8, 2009

new herbal remedy

My latest herbal remedy is Jiang Tang.

It's a strengthening remedy for fertility. According to google searching, mixed with other things it's used for fibroids too. My acupuncturist was in a hurry so I don't think she wrote down the complete ingredient list.

She did tell me however that she threw some deer antler in, another strengthener.

Basically we are working on my kidneys and liver right now!


Anuja said...

Dear Fibroid shrinker,

Thank you very much for your effort and concern to share your knowledge with others who sail in the same boat. May GOD bless you with good health and happiness.

I am also trying to conceive and also in the process of fibroid shrinking/disappearing.

In your western herb session a linkage page shows,these herbs like licorice, motherwort, red clover etc., are listed as phytoestrogenic herbs. (

But many websites if you google shows these herbs to clear fibroids.(example :

I am confused with the above. your comments on this.

I am currently staying in Japan. Can you pls. recommend some local foods/ suplement which can help to shrink fibroid. I am a vegetarian.

Wishing you the very best and quick result.
Thank you.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks much for the kind words.
I too am confused about why herbs that are supposed to be estrogenic are recommended for fibroid shrinkers. I think along with soy, some people think that. Also I know that in the case of licorice, it is often included in Chinese remedies for fibroids.
However I would not take any of those without getting input from a qualified herbalist.
Since you are in Japan, I would suggest that you go to a Chinese medicine place and have them give you a prescription. The main Chinese formula for fibroids is called Keishi Bukuro Gan in Japanese. I would also bring the word for uterine fibroid (子宮筋腫) written on a piece of paper to show them, to make sure they know exactly what you have. Also explain you want to have a baby.
Japanese pickled plums (umeboshi in Japanese) are great for boosting circulation and helping you get more alkaline which is great for fibroid shrinking.
Goji berries (kuko no mi) are also widely available in Japan but it might be hard to find organic ones and I think that's important with goji berries.

Anuja said...

Dear Friend,

Thank you very much for your immediate reply. I shall be in touch with you.

A small token of love as an affirmation statement.

The following lines are affirmation from Louise Hay's "You can heal your life" specifically for fibroids;

In the infinity of life, where I am, All is perfect, whole and complete; I release the pattern in me that attracted this experience; I create only good in my life; All is well in my world.

Wishing you the best of luck.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anuja,
I used to live in Japan(Minato-ku) and became an organic freak :-) since I was trying to conceive for a long time. I did some searching on how to control the size of my fibroids, the more you learn the more you are going to be confused, but if you haven't read the book written by Dr. Randine Lewis "Infertility Cure" , May I suggest that you try to get a copy, it's worth to learn what's going on with your condition. Another book that might be worth reading is the Anti-estrogenic Diet by Ori Hofmekler. He explained why Licorice is estrogenic and should be avoided. Licorice is my husband's favorite and I don't like it, I feel like I am going to vomit every time I smell it, perhaps my body is telling me something? I guess if you're confused, listen to your body(I hope I'm right;-))... I think these books are good ones. Wish you all the best! take care Ysabel

Fibroid Shrinker said...

I love The Infertility Cure too. Have not looked at the Anti-Estrogenic Diet but that sounds like it would be really helpful!
Thanks much Ysabel!