Tuesday, February 10, 2009

shrinking "stubborn" fibroids

Found this interesting page that talks about some solutions for shrinking "stubborn" fibroids -- including cayenne pepper, hot/cold showers to increase circulation, and a superfood supplement.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Friend:

Disappointed to hear about the most recent non-shrinkage along your journey!

I am wondering if you have tried any positive visualizations at all? I have a fibroid tumor too and have gone to great lengths to visualize a healthy uterus. The power of positive thought is pretty strong.

This is a corny site, but thought it had an interesting insight: http://www.vitalaffirmations.com/health/fibroids.htm

Also: http://www.shaktigawain.com/booksandmore_title.php?ISBN=1-57731-229-5

All the best!

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks so much for the encouraging words. Indeed, I am using visualizations and affirmations, that is part of what I am working on right now as part of dealing with the emotional side.

The quote (I agree, a bit corny) is from You Can Heal Your Life which I am now reading, coincidentally. And thanks for the info on Creative Visualizations. I am going to write a post about this now!