Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mixed review on Gurgevich hypnosis CD for fibroids

As mentioned in a previous post, I have been exploring the topic of hypnosis, and thought no better way to do so than get the Steven Gurgevich CD for healing fibroids with hypnosis.

I tried it several times, and each time I fell into deep hypnosis or sleep. It certainly was a lot more effective at doing this than the hypnotist I went to see. Afterwards I felt incredibly cleansed and relaxed, almost as if I had taken some sort of drug it was that strong. However, because it made me so deeply relaxed while listening to it, I wasn't sure exactly what it said.

This morning after waking early I tried it again. However between the heater starting to blow and my husband's alarm going off early, I didn't fall into hypnosis, so I got to listen to what he says in the whole thing. Most of it I approved of.

I particularly liked how he used various synonyms for "go away" such as dissolve, etc. all in a row, I found that soothing. He has you visualize a shaman healing your fibroids. He talks a lot about the power of your mind to make the fibroids go away, by changing your thinking and energy patterns.

However, there is one section that bothered me a lot. He brought up the idea I have seen before, that fibroids are due to stymied creativity. As part of that he mentioned some of the things that might "quash" one's creativity, and that included motherhood. This part of the text was obviously aimed at women who had become mothers and allowed their caring for others to interfere with being creative and doing what they would like in that area of their life. However, this is not my situation at all, as I have not had children and used my 20s and 30s to be prolifically creative in my work life -- starting my own company, writing a bunch of books, etc. And I certainly am not keen on any suggestion that becoming a mother will interfere with my creativity. I don't think that idea is helpful for promoting my fertility. I prefer to think of having a baby as another flowering of my creativity, and that having a child in my life will open me up to even more types of creativity.

Thus, I am putting this CD in the back of my drawer, for the day in the future when I have had my baby, and if I still have fibroids at that point.

I think this CD would be great for someone who has already had children and is not wanting any more. But if your goal is getting rid of fibroids for the purpose of enhancing your fertility, I would not recommend this CD.

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Etha said...

I really love this CD and often get upset if I "miss" most of it while "waking up" exactly when it ends LOL.
I've had a child and was rather "creative" throughout the entire time of raising him. I think it needs different interpretation depending on your situation.
You may find that the first few years with a child will consume you completely, which is not a bad thing really, but you need to go and find yourself again after your child becomes a bit more independent.