Friday, January 16, 2009


Read a fascinating book last week, The Mind-Body Fertility Connection: The True Pathway to Conception.

From the publisher's description of the book: "This book dissects the feelings, beliefs and old emotional injuries which often create subconscious obstacles that can disrupt an otherwise healthy functioning reproductive system." This aspect of the book resonated for me as talking about the kinds of issues that I think are behind my fibroids -- which despite my efforts I must not have fully addressed because the fibroids are still there. The book also talked very accurately about some of the stress I have been feeling about the whole fertility process (all the doctor visits and pills, ultrasounds, IUIs, etc.)

The book was written by a hypnotherapist, and basically made it sound like hypnotherapy is a very efficient way to unearth and deal with these kinds of emotional issues. Also mentioned that even though one has dealt with an issue with the conscious mind, the subconscious mind may still have hangups about it.

Reading all this made me think, I have got to try hypnotherapy! As readers of this blog know, I am all for trying anything that I think will be helpful. So I typed in "fertility hypnotherapy" and my location into google and up popped someone who specialized in just this, who had both a nice site and rave reviews on Yelp. (Note: before going to any alternative practitioner or doctor for that matter, be sure to look them up on Yelp!) There's also this list of fertility hypnosis practitioners on the web, but it's not complete -- the person I am working with is not included.

The therapist had a lovely manner and we had a good rapport. But I am not sure how helpful it was, mainly because I didn't really get hypnotized I think. (I have never been hypnotized before but this didn't quite feel like I thought it would). She said that I was at a shallow level of the alpha waves (the next level down from being alert) and that this was typical the first time as the conscious mind is curious about what is happening.

This time she mainly was checking in with my thoughts about my uterus, and we worked on setting up the concept of a Fertility Assistant inside me who would work to help with fertility issues. (She joins the imagery I created a year ago of my Liver, the Janitor of my body who has been working on cleaning up and getting rid of the fibroid mess. I imagined the Fertility Assistant arriving on the scene and thanking the Janitor for getting things into good order, and that now it was her turn. But I think I was pretty much all conscious for this, I certainly remember all of it and also remember thinking "I am awake.")

I want to make sure I have given this a chance, so I am going to go back one more time in 2 weeks, with the goal of working on any blocks that I might have. I'll see how it goes and if I think it is helping or not. At this point the jury is still out.

I am focusing on fertility right now,which includes both getting rid of my fibroids and other stuff, but if one were only working on getting rid of fibroids I am thinking that one of these fertility hypnotherapy people could still potentially be helpful. Might be worth a try if you are adventurous.

At the beginning of my session, she used a technique called EFT, the basics of which are available on the web for free here. This technique involves a combination of tapping and affirmations, and I think it would be helpful for anyone dealing with fibroids. There are some interesting stories on the site about how this technique has been used for post-traumatic stress disorder and other pretty dire problems.

If you are curious about hypnosis for fertility, in addition to the book mentioned at the beginning of this post you might want to check out It's Conceivable: Hypnosis for Fertility, which my practitioner gave me today.

Poking around, it also seems that do-it-yourself downloads are available too. I doubt these would be as effective as an in-person session, but might be worth experimenting with.

1. Getting Pregnant: Hypnotherapy for Fertility and Conception
2. Natural Fertility Hypnosis Increase Your Chances To Get Pregnant
3. Fertility Hypnosis

I would stay away from this one however. I was so anxious to try the hypnosis that as soon as I read the book I looked on google and found this and bought it. But the sound quality was so poor and the British accent so distracting that I did not find it relaxing, much less hypnotic.

This book excerpt talks specifically about hypnosis for fibroids.

Finally, found this hypnosis CD focusing on fibroids: Fibroid Healing by Steven Gurgevich.

Last but not least, as a bonus for anyone who has read all of this very long post, I am on day 22 of my cycle, and on days 19 to am of 21 I had what appeared to be implantation bleeding. So please cross your fingers for me, this may be the cycle that works!

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