Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dio Deka -- in case you are ever in Los Gatos

Had a lovely meal last night at upscale Greek Taverna Dio Deka in Los Altos CA. Although there were lots of temptations, a fibroid friendly meal was quite possible. Loved the grilled octopus appetizer, they also had grilled calamari that I did not sample but that would have been a good fibroid-friendly choice too. For main dish got the Branzino (a small white-fleshed fish). The menu also included hormone-free lamb chops and organic chicken. And the horta (typical Greek sauteed greens dish) was the best I have ever had, it was made with broccolini.

If you are careful, eating out is indeed possible and enjoyable even with the restrictions of the fibroid-shrinking diet.

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