Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Detox Diva

While looking for something else, happened across this webpage for the Detox Diva in San Francisco. Sounds like she has a great program!

I've done a lot of detoxing already, and have enough appointments with my acupuncture, hypnotherapy, BodyTalk etc. so don't think I will do this, but it sounded so good thought I would show it to everyone.

Detoxing body and mind should be helpful for fibroids!


Anonymous said...

Dear Fibroid Shrinker,

I'm currently detoxing using the "Colonix" program by While on the program I had my period and to my VERY pleasant surprise, I had an unusually LIGHT period. In stead of the usual clots and heavy flow throughout the 5 days, I noticed that there was a medium flow on the 3rd day (with a slight abdominal pain that required two Advils at night). I did not even have to get up at night to change pads (strange for me)! One thing that did occur was that a GUSH of clots (like shredded/smashed liver was expelled when I urinated...with no pain).

I'm hoping you could help shed some light on this. Could the ingredients in the cleanse have contributed to this change in my flow?

Lulu, from Michigan!

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Hi, I hadn't heard for but I checked it out and this looks similar to some of the detoxification things I have done myself (liver rejeuvenators, fiber, good bacteria to help your intestinal flora, and all-around multivitamin)
I am not a doctor so can't offer a professional opinion, but giving this kind of big boost to your liver and cleaning out the gunk from your system certainly can't hurt and in your case does indeed seem to have helped, which is great!