Thursday, November 20, 2008

when to use castor oil packs

Just had a query on my original post on castor oil packs, which made me go back and re-read it, and realize that there is conflicting information about when to use it.

For some reason I had thought menstruation was the best time to use it, but evidently (according to a whole bunch of sites, just google "castor oil pack menstruation") you are not supposed to use it during your period. Oops, I messed up last month, that's when I used it!

If you are TTC, you shouldn't use it right before ovulation or post-ovulation. So if you rule out menstruation too, this basically means that if you are TTC you should not use it at all.

Here is a sampling of the different advice that various websites give about when and how often to use them. If you poke around more, I am sure you can find many other recommendations.

Daily use as often as possible

Two times per week

At least three times a week

Five nights in a row, then rest for two nights, for three weeks

Do not use during heavy menses

Do not use during menstruation
(a whole bunch of others say this too)

Use with care during menstruation

During pregnancy do not use with heat, but ok to use without heat

This page cites an interesting study on benefits of castor oil pack use, and also raises some good questions which I have not seen answered anywhere.

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