Friday, November 14, 2008

overview of diet recommendations

Someone asked me for an overview of my diet recommendations, here they are!

No dairy, No red meat or poultry, if you must have poultry make it turkey
No more than 3 eggs per week
If you have any dairy, meat, poultry or eggs, they absolutely must be hormone-free
no sugar
no highly processed foods
As many green veggies as possible
As many crubiciferous veggies as possible
avoid wheat and other gluten
Grains like millet, amaranth, and quinoa are good
Beans are a good source of protein
Stay away from soy except natto, tempeh, and miso soup, and those in moderation
add seaweed to your diet
Make sure everything you eat is organic
get a water filter
don't store anything in plastic containers, don't drink bottled water from plastic bottles
drink 1 spoonful of blackstrap molasses in hot water 3 times per day


Mary said...

Several of the guests that have come to our juice cleanse juice fasting retreat here in Long Island have come because they were routinely fasting as away to shrink fibroids. They all swear by it and get great results. If anyone needs a place to go to juice cleanse you can check us out and come visit us here at American Yogini. We can take care of all the details for you.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Very interesting! This is fascinating! Thanks so much for the info and the invite. I live on the other coast so can't join you, but hope that anyone near you will check it out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your overview. Have printed your list and I am going to take it home to see what other changes I can make to shrink my fibroid.

Your tips are fantastic, best webiste on Fibroids - clear and concise.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks so much, so glad this list is helpful, and I appreciate the positive feedback for the site!