Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ayurfood Lentil Khichadi

I have bought a bunch of Ayurvedic cookbooks but I have to admit I find them rather intimidating and I have only made a few things from them. Plus the recipes usually take a lot of potchky (fuss) as my grandmother would say. Which is a shame because Ayurveda is a holistic medicine system with deep roots, and it is said can help a lot with fibroids. And those Ayurvedic recipes I have made have for the most part been quite yummy.

So I was delighted to find in the packaged food area of Whole Foods a new product line of pre-packaged Ayurvedic foods by a company called AyurFoods. All you need to make a nourishing Ayurvedically balanced meal all there in one package. I tried the Khichadi and the Lentil Khichadi. The Khichadi was a bit too salty for me but the Lentil Khichadi was really amazing with just the right balance of spices. Warm and comforting and easy to make; you can also dress it up with some fresh vegetables.

Something perfect to keep in the cupboard for lunch or any other meal in a pinch. A vegan dish with a good amount of protein, the Lentil Khichadi is ideal for fibroid shrinkers. Khichadi is an Ayurvedic dish mean to rest the body, and is used as part of cleansing -- the Ayurfoods site even has info on how you can use it for a cleanse (although I don't think I could eat this 3 meals a day even though it's delicious!)

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