Thursday, March 27, 2008


Anyone who searches the web for fibroid information has probably seen ads for Vitalzym.
So I was interested when I found this link about how they were sued for false advertising and lost.
As for me, I'm getting my enzymes naturally by eating natto directly (see my prior post on this topic)


Tasigurl said...

I was going to try this product but as luck would have it, it was to expensive.

Anonymous said...

I tried this product for two years and saw no results. I ended up having a Myomectomy (my tumors are back after two years). I'm trying to avoid another surgery(which my gyn wants me to do again when he told me the results of my latest ultrasound). I'm taking this Chinese supplement, BAK FOONG PILLS, which seems to be helping the flow (no more clots and less pain).

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Sorry to hear this didn't work for you and that your fibroids are back after the myectomy.
From what I have heard, only people who have had luck with Vitalzym or other enzyme products used it in conjunction with other approaches.
Hadn't heard about BAK FOONG before, looked it up sounds like it's used for menstrual ailments and can balance estrogen, glad to hear it's helping!

Vitalzym said...

You are right Mr, Tasigurl its expensive but its work good

Daniel Taylor said...

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