Friday, March 7, 2008

detoxing through your feet

I've been working on detoxing. As discussed in other posts, detoxing is important for fibroid shrinkers -- especially if like me you have heavy metal buildup. I have been experimenting with doing so through my feet. Here are three things I have been trying.

1. Detox foot bath. This is full of essential oils, you mix it with hot water and use your own tub. Smells nice and is relaxing.

2. Ionic detox foot bath. This is a tub that you buy that has an ionizing system in it. The idea is that the ions draw out toxins from your body. It's kind of a pain to use and is messy, so to be honest I don't use it that frequently. But when I do it seems to make me feel better somehow. The gunk that bubbles up makes you feel like it's working anyway! I bought this one.

3. Detox foot pads. These pads area huge thing in Japan, but even though I read Japanese the Japanese packaging never really made clear how they were supposed to work. Then a friend here mentioned something to me about seeing a fascinating infomerical on them, which let me to do a web search and I found Body Pure, The explanation on the site is convincing, and they are certainly easy to use. I bought three boxes because then you get a free lab test of your pad, which I find fascinating.

My acupuncturist thinks that I may be done detoxing the heavy metals, and indeed I am feeling a lot better. I am going to do another heavy metal test next week so we will see!


Sonya said...

I hear the foot pads don;t work and are being investigated by the FDA.

This site does a lot of reviews for infomercial products so you know what is safe and effective.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

Thanks so much for sharing this!
Very interesting indeed. I will be curious to see what the results of the FDA investigation are.

I did notice, the product being investigated by the FDA is different than the one I have been using, the Body Pure. If you look on the Body Pure site there is a list of ingredients and also a list of some proof why it works. So it seems more on the up-and-up.

My personal feeling on these foot pads is that they are probably not enough in and of themselves to effect huge changes. However they also don't seem harmful and it seems like they could help and thus be a good adjunct to other detox thngs I am doing so why not. Again, just my personal opinion