Friday, February 1, 2008

Mayan abdominal massage

A friend just mentioned to me that she knows a massage therapist who does Mayan abdominal massage. She gave me her card and I looked at the webpage for them. Really fascinating. It is a technique focusing on the uterus, and it specifically mentions fibroids. A directory of practitioners around the country can be found there, can't wait to give one a try!


Anonymous said...

how was your experience? I used to go to an expert in London, it helped the bloated feeling first two times. I went the third time after a gap of 9 months, by then my fibroid had shrunk a lot with yoga. But my fibroid was pressing on my rectum a lot, so I went to see this expert to change the position of the uterus. She worked very hard on my abdomen and charged double the fees. I didn't get my periods for next 2 months and since then my fibroid has grown lot bigger. I am very upset and sad. I would not recommend it at all. Stay away from it.

Fibroid Shrinker said...

I didn't care for the professional I visited but I like doing the self-care myself.

So sorry to hear about your bad experience. It sounds like the treatment you got was much too extreme.