Friday, February 22, 2008

goji berries

I've been eating a lot of goji berries. They are a good snack for fibroid shrinkers because they are high in amino acids and iron. Also discovered from this site that they are highly alkaline. What more could one want from a food! They taste like a tart raisin, and they are my favorite shade of red!

Long used in Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine and cooking, goji berries have recently become popular in the West. This Wikipedia page tells everything you would ever want to know about them.

Lately I've been wondering about my goji berries purchased in Chinatown, given the recent problems with various foods and medicines from China. And indeed the Wikipedia page suggests that lots of pesticides may be used on them. So I just ordered some of these, which are certified organic.

A Japanese friend told me that the ninja used to carry goji berries for a snack on the run, as they offered such complete nutrition and fast energy. And indeed that's what I've been using them for. (I like imagining myself as a ninja!) I even made a dinner out of them the other day when I was too pooped to cook!

I leafed through Murad's book The Cellulite Solution and he touts the benefits of goji berries too. (More on cellulite in a future post...).  Also The Tao of Fertility says they are excellent for egg quality.

Update: I am now also drinking Goji Gold 100% organic goji juice.  Easier than eating so many berries.

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