Monday, February 11, 2008

an afternoon at the Korean spa

Detoxification is important for fibroid shrinkers because it helps reduce the load on the liver, and also it's a way to get heavy metals and other nasties out of your system.

One of the ways that toxins can get out of your body is through your skin. So a thorough scrubbing can help with detox, as can sweating.

What better way to get rid of dead skin and do some sweating than to spend the afternoon at a Korean spa. I first discovered the wonders of Korean spas on a trip to Seoul. But I was really converted when I was on a business trip to New York and had little sleep and felt horrible. I unexpectedly got a morning off when a meeting got cancelled, so on a whim headed over to a spa in Manhattan's Koreatown called Juvenex. After a couple of hours laying on the warm floor of the sauna, the frangrance of Korean herbs hanging in the air around me, I felt renewed as if by magic, and practically bounded out of the place. I was hooked.

Since then I've also tried King Spa in New Jersey and the one I visited yesterday, PSY in San Leandro CA.

If you've ever had a salt scrub at a regular spa, you ain't seen nothing yet. A Korean scrub-down is much more vigorous and much more complete. You need to be a bit adventurous -- willing to lay down naked on a vinyl covered table and have a middle-aged Korean lady in her underwear vigorously scrub every inch of you with rough scrubbing mitts. You'll gasp to see all the dead skin that comes off -- like a bunch of dryer lint that got wet. It's got to be excellent detox! Plus really gets the circulation going. And it's a lot less expensive than a salt scrub at a fancy spa.

After that, head over to the saunas. The walls are studded with various precious stones, which are supposed to increase the health benefits. The heat comes from the floor, so just lay down for a good detoxifying sweat.

This is a treat that is also good for you!

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